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The Canvas Transfer Process

Note: The frame is offset from the edge of the canvas by 1cm.

Step 1 – Transfer of print to canvas
Our framers take a paper art print, place it on a special grade of canvas and place a heat activated adhesive tissue between them.

A textured overlay is added and everything is put in a specialised heated vacuum press where it is slowly heated to nearly 100 degrees centigrade to form a permanent bond between the print, canvas and overlay.

At the same time as being heated, the vacuum within the press ensures the print remains completely flat and bubble free.

Step 2 - Prepare the stretcher sub-frame
We then construct an internal sub-frame to precisely fit the picture. The corners are carefully mitred and then joined using both adhesive and specially shaped staples that ensure the frame remains stable throughout its long life.

Step 3 – Canvas stretching
Finally, the canvas is stretched around the internal frame, tensioned and fixed at the rear. Once the artwork has passed final inspection, it’s ready to be hung and admired!

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