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Services - Plak-it  -  Appraisals or Valuations

Think you have a valuable piece of Art? Bring it in or send us a picture and will provide you first with a certificate which gives you an opinion of value. If you decided that a full appraisal is required we will apply what you paid for the evaluation towards the cost of a full appraisal.

Our extensive in-house library as well as our involvement in the international art market allows us to research and establish the fair market value of original artwork by listed, documented artists worldwide. If you have any questions regarding exacting written appraisals for every purpose including insurance, estate and tax planning, charitable contribution and the division of estates, we would invite you to contact our gallery.Our team of appraisers and fine art conservators have years of experience in evaluating and restoring Canadian, American and European artwork.

Valuation Cost = 35.00

Full Appraisal = 175.00

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